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“These remarkable stories of individual initiative should inspire every American to ask—what can I do to help preserve our natural heritage?”

—Bruce Babbitt, chairman, World Wildlife Fund, and former U.S. Secretary of the Interior

“Conservation philanthropy is an enduring centerpiece of America’s civic traditions. Its fruits enrich the lives of every citizen and strengthen our democracy. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, Americans can still find the root of our nation’s most fundamental political, cultural, and moral values in those large swaths of wilderness that have been permanently preserved by private philanthropy.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance, and author, Crimes Against Nature

“The greatest legacy we can leave future generations is nature, in all its richness and splendor, providing values that defy conventional measure. This magnificent book stirringly celebrates those great humanitarians who ensure that future generations will remember us not just for what we create, but for what we refuse to destroy.”

—Steve McCormick, president, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and former president,
The Nature Conservancy

“So you’ve amassed your fortune and are in the glow of your golden years. What better way to establish a legacy than to create your own national park that will be a gift to the world and will last a lot longer than any foundation.”

—Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner, Patagonia Inc., and author, Let My People Go Surfing

“If visitors to Acadia, the Great Smoky Mountains, or any of several other revered national parks, knew that they owed their experience to the farsighted generosity of an earlier generation of conservation philanthropists, they would understand the power and potential of giving for nature. Butler and Vizcaíno make an eloquent case for continuing the tradition by showcasing the gems of a new generation of privately acquired conservation lands. This splendidly illustrated volume will have you salivating to visit some of the most scenic—and ecologically vibrant—natural areas on our planet.”

—John Terborgh, cofounder of Duke University’s Center for Tropical Conservation, and author,
Requiem for Nature

"Freedom of sprit, a fundamental aspect of America, can be expressed in many ways. Wildlands Philanthropy is an important, beautifully presented collection of personal stories that demonstrate the practical results of abiding generosity, respect for the wild nature that gives us wealth, health and mystery, and love for our Earth and those who are yet to live here."

—Vance G. Martin, President, The WILD Foundation

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